Let's draw a Kia Sonet 2020 clipart together

Next, to reinforce my point, I sketched the Kia Sonet 2020 clipart in perspective. As you can see from the picture, the car has many oblique angles to dampen the impact of projectiles and take them in different directions. There is a shield on the lower joint that prevents you from digging far into the ground, although it is unlikely that the vehicle would have prepared us for such surprises. Naturally, if such a vehicle existed in reality - this aspect would have to be worked out from a completely different point of view and had to abandon an interesting, pointed foot design (and then the car would lose the index OPT, because OPT have enough high speed, and increasing the foot area directly proportionally reduces the image of fast movement), but we make a game concept and not engaged in the design of the real vehicle.

We're not two dozen engineers to calculate area pressure, efficiency and stuff like that. Our job is to make an interesting, beautiful, compelling concept clipart that can exist and operate in its allotted world. Then again, if it really needed an emphasis on passability, it wouldn't be a problem to make a modification of the apparatus with extended clipart image. But that's a whole other story... Let's go back to the Kia Sonet 2020. It also has the function of diverting the blast towards the ground. At the top of the car there is an element for hooking the crane. Let's say, if the car needs to be loaded somewhere - for example a Toyota Corolla or a BMW X5. And as a matter of fact - I haven't forgotten about the attachments to the main body.

Kia Sonet 2020 clipart

image source hum2d.com

The next thing I started doing was the turret and the gun. I used silhouette brainstorming to make some variations on the turret. Though I planned to make a double-barreled unit right from the start, I drew a couple of one-gun versions just in case. I didn't particularly like them, so I did a couple of twin guns.

The fourth option seemed perfect to me. I started drawing it using the same technique. By design, the gun is a conventional car-type gun reinforced with a rail drive. It is essentially a shell-type ammunition, additionally accelerated by a magnetic drive in Kia Sonet 2020. Bumper has a couple of hinges electronics - rangefinders, etc. - all clipart included. A massive sensor hangs on the right side - it makes the silhouette of the turret asymmetrical... On the opposite side, in the same place is the shell casing for the upper gun. For the lower bumper of the car, the shell casing is located at the bottom, same as in Mahindra Thar. The outlet itself is of the flap type. On the bumper itself there is a three-stage charge indicator (a vehicle, which we provided just in case for the convenience of the player). The cooling elements are represented by a kind of large grilles for gas ejection. Swivel hydraulics, mounting elements are all included. On the bumper itself there is a shield covering the inside of the bumper mount.

The next step was to work on the turret. I already had an approximate image in my head, so I sketched out its silhouette. It was quite an aggressive turret with fairly steep slopes. For myself, I immediately decided on the components to be placed on them - the hatch for the commander and the driver, the turret mounting point, armor plates, baffles, and so on. The turret also has launchers for smoke grenades.